Founded in 1996, the Roberto Coin brand is known for its marvelous mix of centuries-old Italian craftsmanship and modern design techniques that have made a world-renowned luxury designer jewelry brand. Every piece is unique and handcrafted using delicate materials and bold designs. Discover our collection of authentic Roberto Coin jewelry here.


Is Yamron an authorized Roberto Coin boutique and retailer?

Yes! We are an authorized dealer and repair provider of all Roberto Coin products.

Is my 18k white gold or platinum rhodium pieces plated?

Yes it is – in order to provide the color with reasonable durability.

How can I get an item repaired?

Should your piece ever need servicing, bring your item to our Waterside location and we will schedule a repair for you. 

Where is Roberto Coin made?

Roberto Coin is located in the city of Vicenza. This magical place is also called the City of Gold, a source of infinite design inspirations and ancestral know-how.

Does Roberto Coin use real diamonds?

Yes. Robert Coin purchases polished diamonds only from legitimate sources who subscribe to an international system of certification and warranties. Roberto Coin uses the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) and The System of Warranties. 

When was Roberto Coin founded?

1996. It’s founder, with whom it shares it’s name, driven by the innate love for the world of art and fashion, decided to leave his successful career as a hotelier to follow a dream and face a new passionate adventure. 

What does the ruby represent in Roberto Coin's jewelry?

Roberto Coin signs each one of his pieces with a small ruby casted inside the jewel, in direct contact with the skin of who wears it. This magical signature, surrounded by an antique halo of legend, represents the message of good wishes that Roberto Coin dedicates to his passionate clientele.